Saturday, October 8, 2016


“I’ll win her over.” “…playing hard to get.” “…a tease.” “She’ll come around.”

Cringe worthy, right?  These are all phrases I’d like to see sucked out of the English language. It’s because some guys don’t listen to girls. Some men don’t listen to women. And yes, to be fair, some women don’t listen to men. These phrases are all things I’ve heard from guys who don’t want to take “no” or “not interested” from someone else. And that stinks.

So, today’s post is especially for the fellas out there. I’m guessing if you’re reading this you are not one of the guys who says things like that, but just the same…I’d like you to be THAT guy. Not the jerk, obviously.

I’d like you to be that guy who calls out other guys who aren’t taking no for an answer. Not just the ones who have an unconscious victim they are assaulting (though by all means, stop that guy too). But be the guy who calls out a buddy or acquaintance when he’s throwing out lines at someone who is clearly not interested.

We are long past the days of believing that women are helpless damsels in distress waiting in castle turrets to be saved.

But some guys don’t, won’t, or choose not to listen to a girl turning them down, and when that happens? It’s awfully nice when a guy tells him to back off and points out what should be obvious.

We women will continue to speak up for ourselves, but be that guy who bypasses “boys will be boys” and sets the tone that real men listen and respect.

Because every voice deserves to be heard, and the guy who chooses not to listen to a girl might be willing to listen to you.

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