Monday, March 29, 2010

The Books We Hide

Confession time: I've been known to hide certain books from my kids when it's time for bedtime stories.

I know. It's awful. I should be delighted to have girls that love all sorts of books. But there are books a mama can only take reading aloud so many times. What children's books do you hide when it's read aloud time?

As a writer, I want my book to be read, loved, and reread. It's important to look at why some books are sweet repeats while others are not agains. So let's share. Comment and tell me what makes you not want to reread a book to your kid. I'm all about keeping things positive and being kind to other writers, so DO NOT TELL THE TITLE OR AUTHOR of the books you discuss. Let's keep things general so we can all learn from them.

Book hiders of the world, come clean. Tell us what to avoid when writing for children.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

When Plot Bunnies Play: Writing for Different Audiences

Overheard on twitter this morning from fantasy and paranormal romance writer Ruth F. Long (@RFLong):

“Wait, I don’t write picture books. So why do I now have an idea for one? Out, d*#* plot bunnies, out I say!”

Has this happened to you?

Last summer, I was driving home from the library when an awesome idea for a thriller seeped into my head. With many experts advising writers to stick to one target audience, I decided someone else’s muse must have gotten confused and whispered in my ear. So I ignored her. Sort of. But the story is still there, spinning around and occasionally bumping my brain when I should be focusing on a draft of a picture book.

What do you do when you get a fabulous idea for a book that is not in your marketing category? Do you write the story, share it, or walk away quickly and quietly? Please leave a comment to let us know what you do when the plot bunnies play.