Monday, March 21, 2011

Social Networker or Writer?

Two weeks ago, I unplugged for the work week. No television. No Twitter. No Facebook for five days. Why? I found I was becoming more of a networker than a writer. Social networking is helpful, but not at the expense of my writing time. And television wasn’t helping either. I decided to see what would happen if I unplugged for the work week.

What happened? I found HOURS, friends, I discovered time I never knew was available. Blocks of time at my disposal! It was a glorious week of productivity. I wrote. I revised. I even scrubbed the kitchen floor. When the week ended, I promised myself I would monitor my online time better.

Did I? Nope. Seems it’s all or nothing once I log on. Last week I spent one day writing. One. *sigh*

So here’s my new idea. I’m limiting which days I network. Days with big blocks of time without kids are off limits. Those days are for writing and revising. Days with little slips of time here and there to check in? Those will be my social networking days. I’m excited to give my new schedule a try.

What do you do to balance your writing time with your social networking time? Leave a comment and share your ideas.