Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Why Writers Should Join Twitter

The stage is black. One spotlight glows on me. No longer a frazzled mom hungering for time to write, I dazzle you with my aqua eyes and sequined dress. My voice is not scratchy from yelling. No. Instead, in Barbara Streisand’s pitch perfect tone you hear…

People who tweet tweople,
Are the luckiest people in the world.

Have you been resisting the urge to sign up for Twitter? Here is my top ten list of reasons writers should give tweeting a try.

10. It will help you build your internet presence.

9. Sometimes you can win free things (I just won copy of Ian Rankin’s book EXIT MUSIC from Little, Brown).

8. You can watch and participate in events like Query Day where novices and experts ask and answer questions about the writing process and industry.

7. You can search for other groupies of shows you love and discuss the episode that left you breathless or made you sniffle.

6. Networking can be fun!

5. It is a nice ego boost when publishers and other gurus follow you back.

4. Twitter is a quick way to promote your blog, website, or books.

3. Writing can be lonely. It’s nice to connect with other people who share your passion.

2. Twitter can lead you to great articles and blogs you might otherwise miss (Make sure you follow Bookgal).

And last but not least…

1. It is the best way to follow editors, agents, and publishers without fear of a restraining order. :^)

So if you haven’t given twitter a try, go for it. My twitter name is quirkywriter. I love to have tweople follow me and almost always follow back. Check out the folks I follow, and it will help you get started.

Now, back to that spotlight…


  1. Love twitter! It's easy to use, low pressure, and a great networking tool.

  2. I love to follow on twitter. It's amusing to no end.