Tuesday, June 2, 2009

How To Feel Like A Kid Again

Have you spent any time unleashing your inner-child? Those who write for children almost always write from a child’s perspective, but how often do we let ourselves practice feeling young? Below are 25 activities to bring out the kid in you this summer. Try them out. Set a goal. I’m going for at least one a week. Please add additional ideas in the comment section. And remember, have fun!

catch lightening bugs
blow bubbles
hula hoop
play tag (You could play book tag instead of tv tag)
throw water balloons
invite friends over for a slumber party
decorate the pavement with chalk art
play Charlie’s Angels with water guns
run in a sprinkler
play hide and seek or sardines
jump rope
camp out
make s’mores
sing hairbrush karaoke
play monkey in the middle
go roller skating
go parking (for the YA crowd)
play in the ocean
build a sandcastle
climb a tree
wear a temporary tattoo
chase the ice cream truck
build a pillow fort
go fishing


  1. Play Cat's Cradle with string
    Draw with crayons
    Make a mud pie
    Blow a whistle with a grass blade
    Lay on the ground and find cloud pictures
    Peek under a rock

    Great post, Laura!