Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Blog Contest: Take Oprah's No Phone Zone Pledge

Yesterday, Oprah’s show was on driving while distracted. According to University of Utah researcher David Strayer, our brains can’t multitask the way we would like to believe they can. Drivers who are on their cell phones talking or texting experience a sort of tunnel vision that is equal to or worse than driving while intoxicated. One of the points raised was, even if you are able to stay between the lines while distracted, you are not as alert to the people around you who are weaving, and your reaction time is worse. I don’t text, but admit to checking in with my husband while driving. The idea that my flippant phone call could cause anyone’s (especially a child’s) death is horrible.

This morning I signed Oprah’s No Phone Zone Pledge, and I want to challenge all of you to do the same. I’m providing the link to Oprah’s challenge. Sign it, commit to it, and leave me a comment on my blog telling me you took the pledge. On Monday, January 25, one commenter who took the challenge will win a $10 McDonalds gift card. After all, you deserve a Happy Meal for committing to something that will make the world a safer place for kids.

Remember, I must be able to contact you to send you a prize, so make sure you leave me your twitter name or email address if I can’t find it through your blog account. I will only mail the prize to a U.S. address. Good luck, and thanks for taking the challenge.


  1. I took the No Phone Zone pledge.

    I've actually never used the phone while driving, can you believe it? I hate my cell phone. I don't want to be reached 24/7! LOL!

  2. took the No Phone Zone Pledge. i never text (don't even have it on my phone) but do occasionally talk on it. pledge taken though. thanks laura!


  3. wow. I didn't know that talking while driving was worse than being intoxicated. UGH!

    I'll be pulling over to chat on the phone from now on. I'm not adding my name to Oprah's list, but I AM glad to break this habit. Thank you for the useful info!


  4. Great contest! I took the pledge.


  5. Great! Even if you don't give Oprah your info, if you promise on this blog it counts.

  6. I'm in! An easy one to enter, since I wholeheartedly believe that people who are behind the wheel should concentrate fully on DRIVING. @Mike_Jung