Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Coming Up For Air

With the holiday hurry underway, November zipped by without a new blog post from me. Sorry about that. But I promise I didn't spend those silent days popping bonbons in my mouth (They were dark chocolate M&Ms) and neglecting manuscripts. Nope. I've been working.

There's a new manuscript in my life, and we've been spending lots of time together. It's a middle grade and darker than my usual voice. I'd pitch it to you, but I'm afraid to jinx a first draft.

Along with writing, I've been researching agents and hoping to find one that loves PRINCESS OR PIRATE and wants to help me find it a good home. I'll be crossing my fingers, toes, and eyes as I check my inbox and wait for the mail lady in the coming months.

Thanksgiving found me thankful for family, friends, and the ability to do what I love. Now my tree is up, the first snow has fallen, and my heart is happy as I wait for Christmas.

What are you waiting for? An email? A baby? Twooo Love? Gotta love The Princess Bride. Leave a comment to let us know. 


  1. Love...twooooo love... :) And how 'bout those ROUS? yes, Princess Bride is the bomb. And yes, I just said "the bomb". I know it's sooo 80's - but it can't be helped. I'm a hippy born in the wrong decade with a smidge of 80's thrown in for good measure.

    Glad you had such a great Thanksgiving. WE did, too! Christmas will be here soon. I'm excited. Waiting is hard, but it's part of the fun, too. Don't ya think?

  2. Eighties words are allowed and encouraged on my blog. I still haven't let go of using "awesome" in public, but I try to keep my "totally tubulars" to a minimum.

    I do think waiting can be fun, because waiting involves excitement and hope.

    Glad you had a good Thanksgiving. Merry Christmas, Donna!

  3. "He clearly said 'to blathe' . . . "

    To quote Tom Petty, "The wai-ai-ting is the hardest part." At least that's what I'm finding as I wait to hear back from agents about the Jane project. On the plus side, I'm in love with my new writing project - a YA prose novel - and it's keeping me happily busy.

  4. When I saw Tom Petty in concert in September, I sang extra loud to that song. :)

    Good luck as you wait for agent news, Kelly. You are smart to create while you wait. We never know which of our manuscripts will be loved first.

  5. I am waiting for an agent. (Smiles) I've been working hard and have gotten very close but not close enough. I started a new blog (still have my writing blog but this other one is work-related on social media, and I'm revising a MG that I have always loved and haven't given up the dream of one day seeing published. Blessings to you. I wish you the best of luck placing your work.

  6. I'm waiting for a new job for the hubs ;)
    I'm also waiting for my muse to kick back in. She took an extended vacay. During my writing time, I just type bits at a time. Frustrating. But I thought of an interesting story this morning. A modern re-telling of the Christmas story from Mary's POV.