Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Five Things You Will Never Hear Me Say

Sometimes the things a person or character won’t say are more telling than what they will say. Delia Moran has a post on what she wouldn’t say, and I love it so much I decided to steal (with her consent) the idea. Here’s the link to hers. And here are five things you’ll never hear me say:

5. Want to meet me for a 5:00 a.m. jog?
4. I know exactly where that random piece of paper I jotted that down on is!
3. Who would buy paperclips just because they come in cute shapes or colors?
2. Baked Kale tastes just like potato chips.

And last, but not least:

1. No worries. I never take my story ideas from real life situations.

What would be on your list? Share by leaving a comment.  If you decide to steal Delia’s post idea, be sure to leave the link so we can read yours too! J



  1. Bwahahahahah!!! I am going to "borrow" Ms. Delia's idea and leave a link to her page and yours. Fabulous! Here are a few that ALMOST made my list...

    Want to go swimming in the ocean at night?
    Want to go swimming in the ocean in the day?
    Where's my pet spider? :)

  2. Delia--I know! Someone told me that once. I'll never believe that person again.

  3. Donna-- Can't wait to read your final list! I know it will be a hoot!

  4. Laura,
    Fun post idea! I read Delia's list too. Your #1 on the list reminds me of a comment from someone who was included in one of my stories. The question was why are the events so different from how it really happened? Maybe I should borrow the response, "to protect the innocent." What do you think?

  5. Linda-- Thanks for joining in the fun! And absolutely! A healthy mix of real and imaginative will keep our readers and our relatives guessing. ;)