Monday, January 5, 2015

Five Advantages To Being A Writer

I love being a writer. Seriously. LOVE. So as we start the new year together, I thought I'd share a countdown of five fun reasons why:

5. Funky hair color and attire is encouraged.

4. People Watching totally counts as research.
3. Creating imaginary friends, enemies, and boyfriends for others is all kinds of fun.
2. Furry mascots for the win!
1. The skills I’ve picked up from youtube and google searches ensure I’ll always be on somebody’s watch list.
So whatever you are (a writer, a dreamer, a magic bean buyer), join in the fun. Comment below to tell us something you love about what you do. Happy 2015!


  1. Okay... so three reasons I love being a poet:

    1. I get to find words that rhyme with mummy, fart and sploosh.

    2. If I choose to create
    a poem in free-verse form,
    no one can com-
    about it...
    in the free-verse universe!

    3. I get paid to do something I love. :)

  2. Thanks for chiming in, Donna! I love your poems--especially the monster ones! They are packed with fun and giggles. I can't wait until an awesome publisher buys a collection of them so I can put it next to BEING FRANK on my bookshelf. :)

  3. One reason I love being a writer--silliness is allowed, even welcomed!

  4. Happy New Year, Linda! I love the silliness factor too. It makes life more fun. :)

  5. Fun post. We are so lucky to do what we love.
    Things I love about writing:
    Nobody can fault me for reading too much. It's research.
    Fascinating conversations at suppertime with the kids blurting, "Mom, don't put that in a book." Haha! I have so much ammo ...
    Working in your pjs or in the bathtub (yes, daydreaming totally counts as writing time)

    1. Vijaya, I love these--especially the one about the suppertime conversations! I don't think Miranda Warnings are required from writers. ;)

  6. YOu get to sink into your own world and create it and mess around with it--and this is WORK!

  7. Yes! World hopping and tinkering is a definite bonus! Happy New Year, Carol!

  8. Linda, love your list. Funky hair color are definitely a perk! I love being a writer because I get to control my world and all the players in it!

    1. Thanks, Delores! That's a great reason. I've definitely lived some scenes I wouldn't mind deleting. ;)