Thursday, July 31, 2014


I’ve been thinking about firsts this summer and how, um, AWKWARD they can be. So in case you wanted to think about awkward firsts too, whether for late night bonding with a friend or for a writing exercise, here’s a list to get you started:
First Time Putting On Makeup
First Date
First Kiss
First Crush
First Dance
First Audition
First Show
First Tryout
First Time NOT Making The Team
First Time Making The Team When A Buddy Doesn’t
First Game
First Time Being Dumped
First Time Having To Dump Someone Else
First Fight With A Best Friend
First Time You & Your Bestie Liked The Same Guy
First Big Party You DIDN’T Get Invited To
First Time Playing Spin The Bottle
First Time Saying “I Love You”
First Time Hearing He Only Wants To Be Friends
First Time Falling Asleep While On The Phone
First Time Tasting Liquor
First Time Hiding A Hickey


  1. Have ideas for some other awkward firsts? Share them by commenting. As I also write for young kids, please resist adding the dicey ones. ;) Thanks!

  2. Laura,
    Great brainstorming. I like your topic. I wonder if you are brainstorming for a work-in-progress centered around firsts. You thought of some great ones, especially for MG. Others--How about first day at school, first night away from home, first time at camp, first move to another many more I'm sure.

    1. Thanks, Linda! Fun firsts! I especially liked "first move to another town." Thanks for brainstorming with us!

  3. Great list! How about:
    First long distance relationship
    First night at college
    First road trip without parents
    First blog entry
    First youtube video (could be disastrous!)
    First visit to the cancer doctor
    First time HEARING I love you

    1. Ooooooo! Good ones. I haven't posted a youtube video yet, but I DEFINITELY have imagined some disastrous outcomes! Ha! Thanks for adding to the list, Donna!

  4. What about these:
    First time driving
    First time getting a paycheck
    First time holding a baby
    First time staying up all night, talking with someone
    First time your child is sick

    1. Thanks for joining in! Those are great ones! It's amazing how just reading through these lists starts stirring up so many different feelings.

      When I got my first paycheck for teaching, I bought a semi-formal dress. I didn't have any place to wear it, or a date, but I had faith that the others would follow if I just had the right little black dress. :)